Loops is a selection of gifs created with the application originaly made for the live video installation Lambeaux (2012). I still use the television flux but also HD video I have filmed, and videos I dig from the internet as raw material.


But the composition rules are not any more in relationship with the original video. I used advanced mask and color technique, dithering effect, and sometimes change the original coordinates of each fragments to create these even more abstract loops.


I consider this process as similar as painting, painting with movements, with time. By coding, I create patterns, rules of composition, more or less automated. The pigment of colors are the pixels from a video flux, and the fact to use a loop make me composing with the evolution of each color during time. The gif format is the well adapted format to crystallize fragments of motion and time, mainly because the composition process, which work in real time, produce ephemeral experiences.


More about the concept behind Lambeaux


These gifs are reduced for the web, the original width of these gifs varies between 640 and 1920 pixels.








2012-2014 / Nicolas Boillot