Lambeaux – Video installation
Le Hublot, Nice, France, March 2012

See it in HD on Vimeo



An extract of Lambeaux recorded during the Vision ‘R festival
Using live french tv as a source (Gulli).
La Rotonde, Paris, France.

Music : Whatcha gonna do by Chief & Deheb (Shadows Chapter 2)
See it in HD on Vimeo


Lambeaux – Space, a video especially created for the
Fach & Asendorf Gallery
, Germany, April 2012


A gif from Lambeaux on Born in 1987: The Animated GIF website, and exhibited at The Photographers’ Gallery,
London, UK, April-May 2012

Lambeaux – January 2012
Source : French advertising

Lambeaux – January 2012
Source : Nuke in space, the rainbow bomb

Lambeaux – January 2012
Source : Inside report from Fukushima nuclear reactor evacuation zone

Lambeaux – January 2012
Source : The Shining – Stanley Kubrick

Lambeaux – February 2012
Source : Credits

Lambeaux – January 2012
Source : Soccer

Loops (animated gif)




Video experiments







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