Transnumeriques Awards @ Videoformes 2015, Clermont Ferrand, France


Je suis un des gagnants des Transnumeriques Awards @ Videoformes 2015



Benjamin Rosenthal : GIFS SMALL Serie
Haydi Roket : gif 01 + gif 11 + yeni
Nicolas Boillot : Accumulation of titles of animated films






Transcultures and its partners are proud to present the first winners of this edition devoted exclusively to the GIF format. This first call for participation was made in the context of a Transcultures carte blanche proposed by Videoformes Festival Clermont Ferrand who was celebrating this year its 30th anniversary.



The members of the jury chose to reward/mentioned 6 artists among 50 participants and over 150 submitted works (check all works on platform).



Honorable mentions

César Escudero Andaluz : Screen Cleaner
Colin Raff : val2 jumbo + without title
Gustavo Torres : Kidmograph serie – _CHAMBER_ + Im feeling lucky