Fantoche festival 14 – Deux boucles exposées à Baden, Suisse

Deux boucles ont été exposées durant le Fantoche festival 14 à Baden, Suisse


This year marks the third occasion on which Fantoche is bringing the vibrant GIF scene to the big screen. The extremely short animated films are more in tune with the times than ever before and inspire animators to create some incredibly unusual works. Offering a genuine audiovisual experience for the eyes and ears, the films will be set to live music and shown on the big screen.

Curated by Pascal Etzensperger und Anastasia Zehnder

Age recommendation 18+


Whiroe Nicolas Boillot, FR/CH 2016
Rarpatte Nicolas Boillot, FR/CH 2016

Lost in Paris Rafael Aflalo, BR/GB 2016
Untitled Kostas Agiannitis, GR 2016
Back in 2015 – CAR Nicolas Amiard, FR 2015
tielet paper Francois Beaurain, FR 2016
Hypertrain2 Fela Bellotto & Etienne Kompis, CH 2016
Lipstick in the Tube Laurène Boglio, GB 2016
MAMMA Josip Amadeus ?eri?, HR 2016
Oops! Isabel Chiara, ES 2016
Analysis Result Isabel Chiara, ES 2016
Yesterday Tania Falcao & Luis Lucas, PT 2015
Introspection Tania Falcao & Luis Lucas, PT 2015
FROG Ni Fong, FR/BE 2015
Mandala – Aristophane Ni Fong, FR/BE 2016
Mandala – Evolution Ni Fong, FR/BE 2015
Garibaldi Vincenzo Gioanola , IT 2015
Fortunato Depero, Bitter Campari Vincenzo Gioanola , IT 2015
Chameleon Rafael Gschwend, CH 2014
storia del ciclismo Aline Helmcke, DE 2016
Chaosgame Ivo Herzig, CH 2016
Distortion Ivo Herzig, CH 2016
14 Juillet Léontine Soulier, FR 2015
Peggy Sue Philipp Kehl, DE 2016
Fliehkraft Jürgen Kling, DE 2016
Bob The Organ Healer Beat Kunz, CH 2016
Camp Nou Michael William Lester, GB 2016
Violence Fan Li, CN 2015
Carol & New Technologies Eduardo Martinez, ES 2015
Save the Mortadella Eduardo Martinez, ES 2016
Houston,we have a problem!!! Eduardo Martinez, ES 2015
Na na na Kajetan Obarski, PL/NL 2016
La la la Kajetan Obarski, PL/NL 2016
Sha la la Kajetan Obarski, PL/NL 2016
Alpen and totem Hugo Ochoa , CH 2016
Brainflow David Pfluger, CH 2016
Plankton Colin Raff, US/DE 2016
Horsie Colin Raff, US/DE 2016
Nice Meeting You by Werner Hornung George RedHawk, US/FR 2016
carmela-plate Beatriz Sánchez, ES 2015
sieste placer Beatriz Sánchez, ES 2015
giraffcable Rafael Santiandreu, ES 2016
Tree of Fortune Frederic Siegel, CH 2015
Faces Frederic Siegel, CH 2015
MARCHE Alice Tiroille, JP/FR 2015
koinobori Alice Tiroille, JP/FR 2015
short lived influence Matthias Triet, CH 2016
Impossible bottles 2 – the robot Rafael Varona, DE 2016
Rasenmäher Lina Walde, CH/DE 2016
Riesenschaukel Lina Walde, CH/DE 2016
Paperholm: 529. Charles Young, GB 2016
Paperholm: 431. Charles Young, GB 2016
Duotone City David Zamorano, GB/CL 2016
Flat Situations #1 David Zamorano, GB/CL 2016
Dotoildot (Green Neon) UBERMORGEN, AT/CH/US 2011