Fantoche festival 13 – Kandid (Wall Trope) exposé à Baden, Suisse

Kandid (Wall Trope) a été exposé durant le Fantoche festival 13 à Baden, Suisse



Picture and sound have been part and parcel of the cinema for quite some time now. But this was not always the case. Back in the days of silent films, the music was performed live. Fantoche combines this bygone form – silent films accompanied by music – with the new – GIFs – and brings this unique cinematic experience for the second time for its latest edition of the #gif #fantoche curated film event. GIFs are short animations, at times psychedelically bizarre, at times witty or savage. A dynamic scene of GIF productions has emerged on the Internet, and Fantoche provides a stage for this scene. The animations are accompanied live in Baden – once by the mastermind DJ and sound artist Bit-Tuner, and once by Obertonstruktur der Kaulquappe – creating a new audiovisual experience on the big screen for the eye, ear and brain. (pe)



Live Sound by Bit-Tuner (Wednesday) and Obertonstruktur der Kaulquappe (Saturday), curated by Pascal Etzensperger.



Free entry on Wednesday 2.9. at 23h at Royal and on Saturday 5.9. from 21h at Cycle-In Cinema.



GIF programme


‘Buttdance’ Weronika Banasinska, PL 2015
‘dancers’ Laurène Boglio, UK 2015
‘Kandid’ Nicolas Boillot, FR 2014
‘sculpture 2’ Daniel von Bothmer, DE 2015
‘takoyaki wait’ Jason & Aya Brown, US/JP 2015
‘The Longest Train in Town’ Nicolas Büchi, CH 2014
‘Ava’ Josip Amadeus ?eri?, HR 2015
‘Open Memory II’ I. Chiara & I. Pérez del Pulgar, ES 2015
‘Big Box’ Robin Davey, UK 2015
‘Mission Control’ Robin Davey, UK 2014
‘Anim amarth’ Pierre-Alain Dubois, FR 2013
‘Untitled’ Alexandre Faisy, BE 2014
‘The Break Up’ Tania Falcao & Luis Lucas, PT 2015
‘Holymother of Pizza’ Shanna Favetto, CH 2015
‘energie!’ Thorsten Fleisch, DE 2015
‘appleTree_LOOP’ Gerhard Funk, DE 2015
‘Wo bin ich?’ Elena Gerig, CH 2015
‘how-to drink water tutorial’ Emilie Gervais, FR 2013
‘Lines’ Florin Grunder, CH 2015
‘Russian Direction’ Irina Guberman, US 2014
‘Progress’ Luc Gut, CH 2015
‘sneak around’ Lena Herrmann, CH 2015
‘Jolly Good Bubble’ Antje Heyn, DE 2015
‘Black Sheep’ Juan Ibanez, ES 2014-2015
‘Slaughterhouse (Tribute to F. Bacon)’ J. Ibanez, ES 2014/15
‘Untitled’ Sasha Katz, RU 2015
‘Captain Kosmos’ Philipp Kehl, DE 2014
‘CIRCUS’ Ala Kondratova, RU 2015
‘coalman arm extinction’ Beat Kunz, CH 2015
‘Cutting phenskistoscope’ Maria Lagerborg, SE 2015
‘Hallucinations’ Fan Li, TW 2015
‘wave x loop’ Fan Li, TW 2015
‘summer heat’ Thoka Maer, US 2015
‘WITCH HUNT’ Eduardo Martinez, ES 2014
‘Make Life’ Janneke Meekes, NL 2015
‘2.’ Yuriy Mironyuk, UK 2015
‘Identity’ Kim Noce & Emma Allen, UK 2015
‘ChildWood’ Avi Ofer, ES 2014
‘Drummer’ Bea Pantya, HU 2015
‘Sunflower’ Bea Pantya, HU 2015
‘a mountain classic day’ Marjolaine Perreten, CH 2015
‘The Saviour’ Donna Pratha, IN 2015
‘The Magical Fragrant Garden of Soc. …’ C. Raff, US/DE 2015
‘arcobaleno’ Fabio Russo, CH 2015
‘Crows’ Hanoch Samuel, IN 2015
‘human box’ Beatriz Sánchez, ES 2014
‘21:25’ Valeriya Sanchillo, RU 2014
‘Vozvrashenie’ Valeriya Sanchillo, RU 2015
‘Bad Robot’ Mauricio Sanhueza, PE 2015
‘Old Political Machine’ Rafael Santiandreu, ES 2015
‘Dream to me’ Florentin Scheicher, AT 2015
‘Artists’ Arina Shabanova, RU 2015
‘The High’ Alpika Singh, IN 2015
‘Unicornio II’ Mara Soler, MX 2014
‘Geometrical’ Sara Spirig, CH 2015
‘Major Tom’ Nora Steffen, D. Moret & H. Ochoa, CH 2015
‘The Car’ Alice Tiroille, FR 2014-2015
‘Staebchen Sausen’ Karolin Twiddy, DE 2015
‘ChewinGym’ Martine Ulmer, CH 2015
‘Sparkler‘ Iby-Jolande Varga, AT 2015
‘Voeux 2015’ Stephen Vuillemin, UK 2015
‘Hotdoglove’ Lorenz Wunderle, CH 2015
‘Pussylickin’ Lorenz Wunderle, CH 2015
‘Roberto Torinesi Grissini’ Elinor Wyser, CH 2014