Gifs / Loops

2012-en cours

Loops are a selection of gifs created with the process originally made for the live video installation Lambeaux (2012). I still use the television flux but also HD video I have filmed, and videos I dig from the internet as raw material.


But the composition rules are not any more in relationship with the original video. I used advanced mask and colour technique, dithering effect, and sometimes change the original coordinates of each fragment to create these even more abstract loops.


I consider this process as similar as painting, painting with movements, with time. By coding, I create patterns, rules of composition, more or less automated. The pigment of colours is the pixels from a video flux, and the fact to use a loop make me compose with the evolution of each colour during time. The gif format is the well-adapted format to crystallise fragments of motion and time, mainly because the composition process, which works in real time, produce ephemeral experiences.

More about the concept behind Lambeaux

Exposé durant :

  • 2012 Born in 1987, The animated gif, The Photographers’ Gallery, Londres, Angleterre
  • 2012 RE/Mixed Media Festival, Brooklyn Lyceum, New York, U.S.A.
  • 2013 DVD DEAD DROP Vol. 5, BEST OF curated by Fach & Asendorf, Museum of Moving Image, New York, U.S.A.
  • 2013 Festival Emergence, La Fabrique Culturelle, Toulouse, France
  • 2013 FILE 2013 – Electronic Language International Festival, São Paulo, Brésil
  • 2013 #UPLOAD, San Francisco, U.S.A.
  • 2013 Video Capital 2013, Fresne-Saint-Mamès, France
  • 2013 Fach & Asendorf screening, PAF in Olomouc, Tchèquie
  • 2014 I Five U, 2ème anniversaire, Madrid, Espagne
  • 2014 GifBites, Bitrates, Shiraz, Iran
  • 2014 Fantoche festival 12, Kino Sterk, Baden, Suisse
  • 2014 GifBites, Gray Area Art, San Francisco, U.S.A.
  • 2015 Jiggling Golems / GIF art exhibition, Goethe-Institut Athen, Iris cinema, Circuits and Currents, Athènes, Grèce
  • 2015 Vidéoforme 2015 – 30e festival international d’arts numériques, Clermont-Ferrand, France
  • 2015 Fantoche festival 13, Baden, Suisse
  • 2015 Transnumériques 2015 – Biennale des cultures numériques, Mons, Belgique
  • 2015 Transnumeriques Awards – Digital Art Festival Taipei Taipei, Taïwan
  • 2016 Video Capital 2016, Champlitte, France
  • 2016 Fantoche festival 14, Baden, Switzerland
  • 2016 VIRAL ART – The New Imageries of GIF Culture, Bologna, Italy
  • 2016 Micro-cinema of Attractions | GIF art imageries and creative techniques, Nicosia, Cyprus

Récompense :

  • 2015 1er place aux Transnumeriques Awards lors de Vidéoforme 2015 – 30e festival international d’arts numériques, Clermont-Ferrand, France