Pinacotek – A simple media player to exhibit gifs, videos, images.

A demo of Pinacotek playing gifs from



  Pinacotek (5,0 MiB, 3 juin 2013)

(Mac os 10.4-10.8)




An app I made specifically to show gifs, images in general and video in fullscreen on a computer (for exhibition purpose). With a diaporama mode, gifs can be mixed with regular image, and video.

Edit settings.txt to change parameters at start.
Put all media (images, videos, gifs) in folder « media », it will read them in order depending on their filenames. Rename files to define order of diaporama.
Or, you can drag and drop a gif, video, image on the window to play it and set the folder for the diaporama.






media type : gif / mov / avi / mp4 / mpg / mpeg / png / jpg / tiff / bmp / jpeg






Press SPACE or F to go fullscreen
Press LEFT or RIGHT / left click or right click to navigate in folder
Press UP or DOWN / to forward or rewind video
Press + = or – to change volume

Press W or RETURN to stop the loop
Press X or C to skip to next/previous frame
Press R to reverse animation
Press 0 to 9 to change animation speed
Press , * / to slow animation speed




Press J to M to change framerate
Press T to see framerate
Press I to have info on image
Press S to show diaporama settings




Press D to start/stop diaporama
Press N to inverse diaporama
Press Z to zoom image in fullscreen
Press B to show the background image in fullscreen



Press V to capture screen
Press U to visit the Homepage of Pinacotek




Made with Openframeworks
* Made with ofxFadable by Rui Madeira
* Made with ofxNotify by Tim Gfrerer
* Made with ofxExtras by Rick Companje
* Made with ofxIniSettings by Rick Companje






3 years ago / Code / Openframeworks (C++)